DIY Animal Magnets


I have seen these animal head and rear magnets a lot on Pintrest and other blogs and decided to see if the are as easy to make as everyone says they are.

The first step was picking out the animals. I went to Michaels and started picking out rubber animals I liked. I started noticing, however, that it was going to be really expensive! They were $3.99-$4.99 a piece! No way José! I then went to the section of animal “Toobs” and picked out my favorite set.


I decided on the “Zoo Babies” This was a much cheaper route at $8.99 for the “Toob” and I liked that they were all the same size. The individual animals I was originally going to buy were all different sizes and I think would have ended up looking strange together.


Next was cutting the animals in half. When my husband came into the dining room and witnessed me doing this, he:

1. Thought I was crazy.

2. Said “I am not taking you to the ER and telling them you cut your hand while cutting animal toys in half. Not happening.”


After getting about halfway through cutting all the animals in half, I found that the most effective way was rocking the knife back and forth as apposed to using a sawing motion.


The aftermath.


If these magnets were for a child (as apposed to my 26 year old self) I think they would be really cute left as is. However, I wanted them to look more uniform, and also wanted them to match our gold and pink office, so I broke out the spray paint.

First, I put a coat of white primer spray paint.


Then a coat of gold spray paint.


I let them dry over night. Then it was time to glue the magnets on!


FAIL. Glue gun was not the best option. I think between the spray paint, an uneven surface, and a heavy magnet, it just wasn’t a good combo. So I moved onto Krazy Glue.


I like to use the “No Run Gel” version because I am notorious for having Krazy Glue accidents, where I just end up with Krazy Glue everywhere but where I want it.

Once the magnets were in place, I let them dry for a few minutes and they were good to go! Here is the final product!



The only somewhat and tedious and difficult part of this project was cutting the toy animals in half. Once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy. Also, waiting for the spray paint to dry was a pain, but I am one for instant gratification, so I always have that issue. Overall, I am pretty happy with the outcome! What do y’all think?




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