Homemade Peach Ice Cream


Every week I have Sunday night dinner with my family.  It’s always at my mom’s house, but this week I decided to host it.  We had Popeye’s.  I LOVE fried chicken and those Popeye’s biscuits are just phenomenal.   I felt I should make something, though, so I went with ice cream.  I picked up a peck of peaches at a farm stand and followed a recipe from this really neat ice cream cookbook.


Have you ever been to a used book sale where you fill up a paper bag with books for $5?  I have and it’s amazing!  It was at one of these sales where I happened upon this book: The Complete Book of Homemade Ice Cream, Milk Sherbet, & Sherbet by Carolyn Anderson.  This book has every kind of ice cream you could ever want.  It doesn’t look like much- there are no photos, the pages are yellowing, and it was published in 1972, but I bet every recipe is spot on.  The recipe I used for this peach ice cream was:

15 peaches, peeled and pitted (I used 13)

3 cups of sour cream

1 1/2 cups sugar

1/4 cup lime juice

Puree the peaches.  Mix everything together.  Churn-freeze.

That’s it.  Peeling the peaches took some time, but watching Orange is the New Black made the time fly.

While the ice cream maker was churning, I took out a refrigerator pie crust and unrolled it, cut it in half and then into strips, and sprinkled cinnamon sugar on it.  Then I baked it for about 8 minutes.  The first round I did for 11 minutes and they got a little too done.  But the second batch for 8 minutes at 425 was perfect.

pie crusts

After our delicious fried chicken and biscuits, I served the ice cream in little bowls and put a pie crust cookie in each dish.  It was a wonderful ending to a meal I didn’t have to make.  Which is sometimes the best meal of all.

finished product



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