DIY Coffee Station


I don’t drink coffee, but my husband drinks about and entire pot every morning. Since we have VERY limited counter space in our apartment, his coffee items ended up on top of the microwave.


Now this is pretty neat compared to what it normally is. Most days, there is an open bag of coffee with coffee grinds all over the microwave, loose coffee filters everywhere and just a general mess. I decided this needed to be remedied because it was driving me NUTS!

The first thing I did was buy a tray to contain all coffee related items. I found this tray at good ol’ Target, and bought it hoping it would fit on top of our microwave.


Target Threshold Acacia Wood Tray 

I am not kidding when I say that this tray is the EXACT measurements of our microwave. Down to the centimeter. That’s craziness.

Since my husband doesn’t seem to be able to close a bag full of coffee, or for that matter keep the bag upright, I needed to find a container to keep coffee grinds in. I purchased this container from Ikea.


Ikea Korken Jar 

Here is the end result of our new coffee station!



I added the bookplate to the front of the tray for a finishing touch. I had purchased these Martha Stewart Bookplates from Staples for another organizing project and had some leftover.


Martha Stewart Adhesive Metal Bookplate


Now the real question is, will this really keep my husband from making this area look like a disaster? Here is to hoping!



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