Pin Win or Pin Fail: Cleaning Make-up Brushes

This part of the blog is what we like to think of the Pinterest Mythbusters. You know all those AMAZING things you see on Pinterest? Like a awesome way to do you hair or a cheap home remedy of how to clean something? We they all look great and all on Pinterest, but do they really work?! Will using olive oil in your hair do something magical? Can you really clean your carpets with vinegar?! This is where we are going to find out if all these amazing ideas and solutions really work. Have something you want us to try? Leave us a comment and let us know what it is!

Today, I am going to try cleaning my make-up brushes with a simple solution from regular products you can find in your home. Here is the pin.

Items required:

-Blue Dawn dish soap

-Olive Oil

-Paper towels

-Dirty make-up brushes

I was just going to use my Meyers dish soap, but then I read in a few other pins that it HAS to be blue Dawn dish soap.makeup1

The directions say to use three parts soap and one part olive oil. The olive oil was one part, but it spread quickly.


Then mix it together.

makeup4Next, cover the bristles of your brush in the mixture.


Then over a sink, rub the brush in the palm of your hand to work in the mixture. You will start to see the makeup come out. I repeated this process a few times until no more makeup was coming out of the brush. Rinse with water.


 Then lay the brushes flat on a paper towel to dry!

makeup7I think this is a PIN WIN! I was able to use cheap products that I already had in my home, and my brushes came out clean and super soft from the olive oil! I will be using this method to clean my make-up brushes from now on!


Do you have any secrets to cleaning your make-up brushes?



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