Chartreuse and Co


This place is amazing!  If you live in Maryland you need to drop everything and go here when its open, which is every third weekend of every month.  They also had a special day last weekend for one day only that was Halloween themed.  It was only kind of themed throughout but was packed full of interesting things.

So, it’s several barns filled with antique, vintage, repaired, in need of repair, and new handmade things in a bunch of different booths.  Like I said, it’s amazing.  I took some pictures of some of the neat setups and things I saw:


IMG_0964 IMG_0966

I wanted to move in.  The prices were good, too, and I almost bought a cedar chest for $100, but I don’t have the room for it at home.

Our favorite pick was something my mom spotted:


Why yes, Walter White, that is a bottle of crystal meth.  This place had everything.

It was an amazing day and everything I saw, I wanted to own.



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