Mail Art


I have always loved getting the mail.  Even as a kid I would run outside when my mom got home so I could be the one who opened the mailbox and got the mail.  I never received mail unless it was my birthday but it was just so exciting to get the mail.  Now I get boring grown up mail like bills and notifications and such.  There are couple magazine subscriptions, but not a lot of fun mail.  Unless you are friends with Emilie.  Emilie will make sure you receive fun mail because she does mail art.  She is a mail artist.

photo (4)

This is a sampling of some of the letters Emilie has sent me.  She handcrafts everything from just about everything she finds.  Most are made with paper, but others are made with cardboard (top left corner), a plastic ravioli bag (top right corner), or covered in Halloween candy wrappers to make you jealous about not have candy when the letter arrives (middle right).  Emilie and I have known each other since college and I am proud to say that she will soon be my sister-in-law (!!!)

photo (5)

Over the years we have exchanged many letters.  We have lived in different states for 4 years and letters are our main tool for communication.  The art of the letter is beautiful.  It always feels good to sit down and write a letter and then make a pretty envelope for it.  You can find different things to write your letter on, too.  Example- I ran out of room on the piece of paper I had but wanted to write more.  I looked around and found some paper paint samples and used those.  What a colorful letter!

I would suggest to everyone to sit down and write someone a letter.  I bet they will write back to you and you’ll do the happy dance when you go to your mailbox.

For inspiration to make your own mail art go take a look at Emilie’s blog:



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