Glitter Duck Brooch


I recently bought a new blazer and decided I needed a new brooch to go with it.  Etsy was my first stop and I found some I really liked, but just couldn’t bring myself to purchase one.  I was convinced I could make something.  Caitlin and I discussed it and she reminded me about the hippo brooch Kurt wore on Glee a few seasons ago.  And so it began.


plastic animal figurine of your choosing

knife for cutting in half


gold paint

small wood pieces for mounting

pin backing

glue (I used a glue pen)

IMG_0981 IMG_0982

I started by cutting the duck in half.  This was a bit of a pain and took some time.  I used the exact same method that Caitlin used when she made her animal magnets.

IMG_0983 IMG_0984 IMG_0985 IMG_0986

Then I glittered it one color section at a time.  I used purple, red, green, and yellow glitters.  They were incandescent so mistakes are not as obvious.  For the glittering part, I did this over a box that Caitlin constructed so the glitter didn’t get everywhere.  I also folded a piece of paper in half so I could funnel the extra glitter back into the container.

Between glittering as I let the glue dry, I painted my wood mounting piece.  In the supply photos you’ll see a pack of little flat baseballs- one of those was my mounting.  I painted several layers and no one knows that it was formerly a baseball.

When everything was dry, I sprayed it with a little sealant to keep the glitter in place and hot glued it to the wood and then the pin backing.

Here it is complete:

IMG_0991 IMG_0992

I wore it to work today and got several compliments and two requests to make more!  My new duck friend was a hit!

And what about the deer from the first photo, you ask?  Well, I made a brooch out of that, too:

IMG_0988 IMG_0993

Just the insides of the ears and the spots are glittered.  This one took about 1 minute to complete.

I have so many other glitter animals I want to make now, like a turkey for Thanksgiving.  I still want to make a dinosaur one, I just have to find the right dino first.

Happy glittering to you!


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