Favorite Food Blogs


There are four blogs that I check every week and one blog that is food pornography.

1) Clockwork Lemon

This blog has everything, including a many part series on homemade cheese called Cheesepalooza!  I love all the tutorials on decorating cookies and cakes.  One of the most recent decorating tutorials was on making beautiful gum paste fall leaves for wedding cupcakes.  The blog feels very real and makes me think that I could do what is posted and everything looks delicious.  The author also does giveaways(!) and reviews kitchen products, too.

2) I am baker

And you can be a baker, too, with this blog.  If you need a fun and pretty dessert for a holiday this is the place to go.  Once again, this is a blog that makes you feel like you can decorate and bake.  I love the ruffle cake and multicolored scalloped cakes.  I’m nervous to try my hand at the surprise inside cakes, but why not!  The pictures/videos on the tutorials are perfect.  I bet you’ll fall in love with the pink ombre pancakes!

3) Spoon Fork Bacon

I bet you know this one.  The food photography is amazing and makes you drool over everything on the site.  I’m a somewhat icky eater but I still think it all looks amazing.  I really like the variety of what is posted.  It’s not just desserts or treats, it’s full meals.  The most recent post is even a decoration for the upcoming holiday meals- rosemary wreath place cards.  And when you’re done with seating, you could use them to make a meal.

4) Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen has beautiful photos and a great assortment of recipes.  I heard the author on NPR recently and she said she isn’t the biggest fan of kale which is quite nice since I can’t really jump on the kale bandwagon myself.  I checked the Smitten Kitchen cookbook out from the library a couple weeks ago and instantly found things I wanted to make.  Charred corn crepes, here I come!

5) TasteSpotting

Food porn!  TasteSpotting is the best!  It has links to anything and everything.  If you want to make something, you can find a recipe here.  You can also get lost in it for hours on end so be prepared.  Maybe clear an afternoon.  My favorite thing to do is to go through a couple pages opening things I like in tabs and then run through all the tabs at once.  Sometimes I find a dud or something that is just way too complicated, but it’s still fun to read about recipes even if you can’t make them yourself.

Which food blogs do you visit?


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