Ikea Hack- Campaign Dresser


I know that these are all over the blog world but I wanted to share how I made a slightly cheaper version. When I first saw this post on For Chic’s Sake on how to make a campaign dresser from and unfinished Ikea dresser, I was sold. That is until I saw the price of drawer pulls. $25 a piece. Yea, no way that was happening. That would be $75 for the drawer pulls alone. So I went on the hunt for cheaper pulls. I’m not going to lie, it took me a few days to find something somewhat decent. Then, I finally came across these:


Lee Valley Tools Brass Surface Mount Handle

I like these best because the laid flat and I wasn’t going to carve out part of the dresser for them. They were $7.20 a piece.

I then ordered the braces. I had to return the first pair I ordered because the metal didn’t match the drawer pulls. I found out that I needed a ‘bright brass’ finish. I ended up finding them on Amazon for $6.79 for a set of four.

I purchased the Ikea Hast Dresser from Ikea for $34.99.

campaign4Luckily, I had Dana there with me to put it together. (I always so better putting Ikea furniture together with Dana there because she organizes all the screws and parts for me. A true friend.) After we put it together, I used wood filler to fill the pre-drilled holes for the knobs. I then put a coat of high gloss white paint on. I ended up doing two coats for full coverage.


Then I began installing the hardware. I am sure I should have used a level to make the handles perfect, but I didn’t. I like to ‘eyeball it’.


Here is the finished product!


We are using the dresser in our office to hold the printer, and the drawers have all of our office supplies in them. This picture was taken in the middle of our office make-over, so I will be sure to post more pictures when it is finished!


I think my finally product and For Chic Sake’s certainly have different looks to them, but the same concept. I like their drawer pulls much better, I just couldn’t reason putting on drawer pulls that cost more than the piece of furniture itself.

My total Cost: $76.87*

*These totals are not including the cost of paint, wood glue or painting supplies, which I already had from previous projects

What do you think? Do you have any Ikea furniture that you have ‘hacked’?



2 thoughts on “Ikea Hack- Campaign Dresser

  1. Hi there! I’m a new reader…I found you via For Chic’s Sake. Quick question, I need ONE of the pulls that they suggested (the company that they linked is no longer making them and I’m having an awful time find one) I don’t care about the price, I just need one.:) If you could email me I would be FOREVER your slave!! I LOVE your version by the way!

    • Unfortunately, I don’t see an exact match to the Ansaldi & Sons drawer pull in my searches. Have you tried contacting them to see if they will be bringing them back? Good luck!

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