The Art of the Wall Sticker


Some may think that a wall sticker is an awful idea, but I think they are marvelous.  They are easy to put up, easy to take down, and don’t damage walls of apartments that you are renting.  All of those things are right up my alley.

Before I had an apartment I found super cute wall stickers that looked like vintage frames, shelves, and objects like perfume bottles and cameras.  I bought them immediately and then held onto them for a couple years.  When I moved last spring I was finally able to use them!  I placed them on a large wall but later moved them (with no damage to the sticker or the wall) to two other locations in my apartment.  My apartment has no color theme so they fit right in!


They are currently around a (real and 3-D) wood window pane.  My mom had the window pane in our shed so I claimed it and hot glued orange paper to the back of it.  The boomerang is my boyfriend’s and he would like it to be on display, so it lives there.  Everything else on the wall are stickers.  In the frames are perfume bottles, glasses, a camera, and keys.  A potted plant, trophy, candle, and feather are “sitting” on top of both the real and sticker frames.

IMG_1023 IMG_1024

The shelves are located in my kitchen.  We have on full wall in the kitchen but cabinets open right up against it so it’s hard to have anything coming off of it or anything that I might slam into with a cabinet…say, glass in a frame.  The clock in the middle is very much real and it hides the hideous phone jack.  I think my favorite sticker is the stack of teacups.

IMG_1021 IMG_1026

By far, my favorite sticker is my GIANT clock.  It is 6 feet tall.  I got it at Ikea, which has a ton of wall stickers both good and bad.  I am still debating on whether to add something to the clock face area or not.  First, I wanted to draw Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast (my favorite Disney movie).  Then, we wanted to get a real clock and put it there.  But, a couple weeks ago I remembered that I had the black owl sticker and stuck that guy up there for Halloween and I really like his creepy-ness with the blank clock face.  I may just leave it like that forever.  Or until I find a new sticker.

My next step is to find something to go on the wall next to the giant clock.  I’d like to try and make silhouette stickers using black contact paper.   If I do that, I’ll be sure to share how it goes.


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