Halloween Pin Win, Pin Fail

Last night, we tried two different pins from Pinterest.  One was painting our nails to look like candy corn and the other was baking spider chocolate chip cookies.

Candy Corn Nails

This is a multi step process.  First, paint a base coat of orange.

Then, cut a piece of masking tape and place it in the middle of the nail.  Make sure the orange is dried first.  We both did it a little too early and some of the orange came up when we took the tape off.


Paint the top yellow and the bottom white.


Now you have candy corn nails!!



We declare this a Pin Win!!

Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are all over Pinterest and there are a few different methods.  Caitlin did her research and picked the method where you use a toothpick to “draw” the legs after the cookies have baked.

When making the cookie dough, reserve some chocolate chips.  After you have made the cookie dough (we followed the Toll House recipe on the chocolate chip bag).


Place spoonfuls on the cookie sheet and then place one chocolate chip upside down into the top of the dough ball.



Following the Pinterest instructions, you are to take the cookies from the oven when they are done and then use a toothpick to drag the melted chocolate (from the upside down chip) out into spider legs.


This did not go so well for us.  We tried several times at different angles and could not get it to work.  The chocolate would not spread and the cookie would drag with the toothpick no matter how light our touch was.


We declare this a Pin Fail 😦

We hope you have a Happy Halloween!

-Caitlin and Dana


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