i’m all about scents. two pin-wins!

I am VERY sensitive to scents. I can smell something a mile away, good or bad. Today, I am going to talk about two ways to handle good an bad smells in your home.

First, the bad. I kid you not, I can walk into our apartment and if or dog has peed in our bedroom, I can smell it. I am overly sensitive lot it. It drives me nuts when it comes too bad smells. I have to make the smell go away before I can do anything else. One of those bad smells in the garbage disposal. I wanted a quick home remedy to take care of it so off to Pinterest I went. I immediately found several pins about how to clean garbage disposals. I decided to go the vinegar and lemon route.

What you will need:

-Ice cube tray



First, cut up the lemon in small pieces.


Next, place the lemon pieces in the ice cube tray.


Then fill with vinegar.



And freeze!


I let them freeze overnight and then popped them out of the tray and into a ziplock bag. I found that if I left them in the tray in the freezer, everything in the freezer began to smell like vinegar.


To clean the garbage disposal, put two to three of the ice cubes in the garbage disposal, turn the water on and run the disposal. The sharpness of the ice cleans blades of the garbage disposal while the vinegar and lemon freshens it up. And let me tell you, it works wonders. I knew it was really working and making a difference when Todd came home with a bag of lemons and told me it was time to make more because he used all the ones I had made!

Now, on to the good smells. While I love my candles, I have recently fallen in love with wax warmers. I have a wall plug-in in our kitchen and a larger one in our family room. I think they put out a much stronger scent then candles, and last longer.


The only issue I was having with the wax warmers was changing out the wax. Back to Pinterest! I learned that the easiest way to change out to the wax is to freeze them. I stuck them in the freezer, meant to take them out in a few hours, and promptly forgot about them for three days.


No worries, because when I remembered them, they just popped right out!



The best part is that you can put them in a ziplock bag, and save the wax for when you want to use that scent again. Now I can put melt my pumpkin spice wax!wax6

I would call these both pin-wins!


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