cutie pies

Last week, Ashley from Fancy Ashley and Everyday Cheer wrote a tutorial on how to make mini pecan pies in mason jars here. They were so darn cute, it inspired my girlfriend, who also happens to be named Ashley, and I to try making some! I plan on making a few different kinds of pies for Thanksgiving and I thought that having them in the mini mason jars would be a really cute way for everyone to be able to try all the different pies. I wanted to try it out before Thanksgiving to see how long they would take to make. I am making pecan, pumpkin and apple pies for Thanksgiving. Ashley and I decided to make mini apple pies because of the three, apple is the most time consuming.

Some may think this is horrible, but I love store bought Pillsbury pie dough. So, I used Pillsbury dough for the crust and this Martha Stewart recipe for the pie filling.

For the pie filling, we cut the apples into tiny pieces so that we could get as many apples as possible into each mason jar.


Ashley rolled out the dough so we could begin filling the jars.


We ripped up pieces of the pie crust and pressed the pieces into the jar until it was evenly covered.



We then added the flour, sugar, lemon juice, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg to our apples.



Ashley then used the top of the mason jar to cut out more pie crust for the tops of the pies.



For fun, we tried every style of pie topping we could think of! The final touch was brush the tops of the mini pies with a little egg yoke and heavy cream.



We followed the baking directions in the Martha Stewart recipe, but ended taking them out 10 minutes early. Because everyone’s oven’s are different, and the pies are so tiny, I recommend keeping a close eye on them. About half way through, we did put foil over the pies because the crust was browning quickly.



They came out delicious!!! There are two things Ashley and I decided we would do differently next time. One, we would make the pie crust come up all the way over the edge of the jar so that we would have more dough to work with when putting the tops on.  Two, we would add more apples to each pie. The apples cooked down ALOT and caused some of the pie tops to sink down a little. Overall, we were very happy with them and can’t wait to make tons of cutie pies for Thanksgiving!

Be sure to check out Fancy Ashley’s post today  (not to be confused with my girlfriend Ashley that helped me with these pies haha) on how to gift these adorable mini pies! Such a cute idea!


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