Sophie’s Favorite Things

Sophie's Fav1. Mimi Green Embroidered Collars

Aren’t this collars so cute?! Sophie has a red velvet one with her name on it, and it is perfect for the holiday season!

2. Prairie Dog Deer Antler

I think Sophie may be addicted to these. Who knew a deer antler could be so enticing to a dog? She has had hers for about 6 months and has barley made a dent in it. It has essential minerals in it and helps clean your dogs teeth. Sounds like a win win to me!

3. Martha Stewart Owl Toy

These toys are probably Sophie’s all time favorite. The one she currently has is a squirrel with three little nuts in its belly. She loves working to get the nuts out of the squirrels belly, and once she has them out, she loves throwing them in the air for herself. It is hilarious to watch. We bought about three squirrels when they were onsale. It looks like they don’t make the squirrel anymore, so the owl will have to be the next one we get.

4. Lands’ End Carrier

Shockingly, Sophie doesn’t mind being in a carrier like this. She can lay down with her head out, and watch the world. She always wants to be with us, so if I can, I take her wherever we go. This bag would be very helpful for crowded places, where people tend to not see her and step on her. And of course, Sophie loves anything that can be embroidered with her name on it!

5. Martha Stewart Mat

This mat is great. We currently have it under Sophie’s food and water dishes and the little lip on the edge keeps everything contained. The best part is, it is really easy to rinse off in the sink.

6. Lands’ End Reversible Down Vest

I normally think clothing on dogs is silly, but Sophie only weighs 6 lbs. and when it gets cold, she starts to shake. In the winter, we try and put a coat or fleece of some sort on her for walks. This one would be perfect for the snow, especially when we go to visit Todd’s parents in New York. And of course, it is even better because you can personalize it with your dogs name!

What are some of your dog’s favorite things? Do you have any miracle products you have found?


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