Five on Friday!




Target’s Threshold Holiday High Balls

I bought these high ball glasses at target this week and I love them so much! I also bought a shorter one to put on my desk to hold paper clips.



Live Simply Mug


I love what this mug says and I think it speaks for itself in why it is so beautiful:

Live simply, expect little, give much.
Fill your life with love, scatter sunshine.
Forget self.
Think of others and do as you would be done by.



Sweet Notes

My husband left used one of my DIY Animal Magnets to leave me a sweet note on the door. This has turned into us leaving notes everyday on the front door too each other and I love it!



Fox Dish Trinket

fox dish

One of my coworkers got a new position and is going to a different branch.  She’s my desk buddy and the person closest in age to me so I will miss her very much.  I got her this little going away present for her new desk.



Michelle Armas

I LOVE her artwork. This week, I got to pick out artwork to hang over my desk at work. Most people have Van Gough or Monet posters but I wanted to do something a little different. I ordered this End of End print and I can’t wait till it arrives so I can go get it framed! Check out all her beautiful artwork here.



Holiday Bicycle Gift Bags

Christmas bag

Love these bags from Paper Source!  It doesn’t matter to me that I haven’t actually gotten on a bike in over 10 years, that bike has a Christmas tree in its basket so I am all about it!



Last weekend, my friend Ashley and I were inspired by Fancy Ashley to try to make mini pies. We choose to make apple pies and they came out great! I have been eating them all week! The were great for a little dessert after dinner….or maybe for breakfast 🙂 Check out my post on how to make these cutie pies here.



Food Gifting

To save some money and be creative this year for Christmas I am going to do some food gifting.  My mom had a great cookbook, too, that is all about making food as gifts.  Cookies are great, but what about peaches in raspberry champagne?



Look for less!

I have been dying for a pair of Melissa Button Frye boots, but not only was the price to much for me to handle mentally, they just didn’t fit right. I found these really similar Sam Edelman Penny boots at Nordstroms and I think they are a pretty close match! And about half the price. Plus, I love that they have a zipper up the back.



Deep Breaths and Perspective

This has been a very stressful work week and I wouldn’t have gotten through it without deep breaths and perspective.  I have also been working on letting things roll of my back.  So far I’m just alright at the rolling off my back thing.


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