Pantry/Laundry Room Organization: Phase One

Since Sunday is deemed ‘Football Day’ in my house, I needed to find something to do with myself while my husband was fully in-grossed in the many games he was watching. I decided it was the perfect time to tackle our pantry/laundry room disaster. I realized that this had slowly become a dumping ground for anything that didn’t have a place. This is what it looked like when I started:




First I moved everything onto our kitchen table. I went through everything and made three piles. What could be thrown away, what can go back onto the shelves, and what belonged somewhere else.

The two large baskets had the most random things in them and it was amazing how much I threw away by going through these two baskets. It also allowed for these baskets to be storage for items that could go back on the shelves.



One I re-organized them, I added some of my favorite Martha Stewart bookplates.

Once I put everything back on the shelves and organized it, it was amazing how much more space I had!




Now that I have more storage space, I want to store more food on the right side. Once I find the right containers, I can move onto phase two!



What do y’all think? Any suggestions?


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