DIY Sequin Letters

Since yesterday was the first day of December, I decided that it was time to out away my pumpkins and pinecones, and breakout the ornaments and glitter!

I am re-doing my family room in pink, navy and gold and decided that I wanted my holiday decorations to match. I haven’t completely finished decorating, but got a good start on it last night. Late at night of course, it true late night crafter fashion!

First, I took the pinecones out of my apothecary jars on my mantle and filled them with fun mini ornaments in pink and gold.


Next I decided to add some sequin letters! Originally, I was going to sequin the letters JOY but then decided to do my husband and my initials so I could keep them around year round if I wanted to.

Here are the materials you need to make sequin letters:


-Glue Gun

-Sequin Ribbon (This was $5.99 a yard at Joann Fabrics, but I had a 60% off coupon, so it made it much more reasonable! I bought 5 yards.)

-Paper Mache Letters

Find a place to start on the back of the letter and glue the end of the sequin ribbon onto the letter. Then begin wrapping the ribbon around the letter, adding a little bit of glue every so often.


Since the C had curves in it, I found it was best to do the straight parts, then go back and fill in the curved section. This allowed me to use less of the ribbon since I wasn’t overlapping it as much.


The T went much quicker since there were no curves.


And here is the final product!


I really love how they turned out! They add some fun sparkle to our mantle for the Holidays. When the Holidays are over, I think I will put them in our office area next to a wedding photo. The would also look great hung on the wall for a gallery wall!


What have you started crafting for your Holiday decorations? I would love to hear your ideas in the comment section at the top of this post. Happy Crafting!


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