Holiday Baking

Dana and I have decided to do some Holiday baking this weekend while listening to Christmas music, and most likely making a huge mess. We think it is the perfect way to start the holiday season!

Neither and of us have any signature items we bake, so we are still deciding on what kinds we want to try. Here are some that have caught my eye so far:


Spritz Cookies

My aunt makes these every year for our family Christmas party and they are addicting. I am hoping I can get her recipe before this weekend.


Molasses Cookies

I LOVE molasses cookies, so I would really love to be able to master these.


Melted Snowmen Cookies

These are just so darn cute!


Peanut Butter Balls

My husband loves these so I am going to attempt to make them. I hear they are pretty easy, so hopefully they will meet his peanut butter ball standards 🙂


Classic Gingerbread Men

I have seen some pretty elaborate gingerbread men online, but I like the look of these simple old fashioned gingerbread men. Especially the one with the bow tie 🙂

Do you have any Christmas cookies that you love to bake? Please share in the comments section at the top of this post! We love trying new things!


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