I love decorating for Christmas and I really enjoy doing non traditional things.  I do, however, keep one family tradition: the wall tree.  The wall tree started when I was in college.  It is exactly what it sounds like.  We make a tree on the wall.  For several years it was white lights in the shape of a tree and then color lights going back and forth across it and then we hung ornaments on it.  Last year, we found a 6 foot piece of fabric at Ikea that looks like a tree so we got that and now hang the lights and ornaments on it.

Well, this is my first wall tree all on my own so I hope I did my mother proud.

photo 4

I used green and white fat bakers twine and regular brown twine to make the shape of the tree and then hung my Ikea ornaments on it.

We also decorated the window pane with ornaments and lights.

photo 3

I decorated my desk at work with a little tree and even hung a stocking!

photo 1

This chalkboard is also at work and I drew it last Saturday and now we’ve had two days of snow.  I’m taking full credit for the snow.

photo 2


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