Painting Mats and Gold Foil Prints

I have become obsessed with gold lately (strange since I have always been a die-hard silver girl) and have started add lots of little gold accents in my home. I’ve added gold animal magnets, a campaign dresser with gold accents, and even spray painted the tray for my coffee table gold. My favorite gold accents however, are my gold foil prints from Lara Casey.

My two Lara Casey prints were in white frames with white mats, and that just wasn’t doing it for me. So I painted them. I had no idea if it would work. I had visions of the mats get warped and wavy. But they didn’t! On the gold mat, I used Martha Stewart craft paint and the pink one is actually Sherwin Williams wall paint! I just painted a light coat and voilà! Pretty new mats. I also got a little brave and painted the tiny inside edging of the mat around the print in the opposite color. It is hard to tell in this picture, but it added a nice finishing touch.


Here are some other gold foil prints I am loving.


 I would love to get one of these of my little Sophie


full hearts

Love this quote from Friday Night Lights.

honey and fitz

get it girl.

Charm and Gumption 

greatest adventure

Bis for Bonnie


Stephanie Creekmur


My favorite saying.

Stephanie Creekmur


This zebra is just so darn cute.

Miss Poppy Design


Song lyrics from ‘My Girl’. After we were married, my husband and I walked out to this song. I would love to have this hanging in our home.

Bear and Robot Studio

you is kind

From one of my favorite books, The Help.

Lille Mus Studio

Hope y’all have a great Wednesday!


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