Five on Friday!

Five on Friday is here again! We love linking up with A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, Hello! Happiness and The Good Life Blog. We have connected with so many new blogger friends, and can’t wait to connect with so many more!



Dana: Holiday Prep for Holiday Parties

We are having a holiday lunch next week at work and myself and a coworker have been given the job of decorating.  Favorite job ever!  We went shopping at A.C. Moore and bought all kinds of wintery goodies including mason jars, fake glittery snow, and battery operated tea lights for some cozy center pieces.  We were wishing we could have a fire place to keep the cozy theme going so we decided to make one!  We taped butcher paper to the wall and used a projector to project an image of a fireplace onto the paper.  We traced it, colored it in, and are going to put paper flames and logs in the hearth.  I can’t wait to set everything up.

Caitlin: Frye Boots and Weatherproof Dressing

After what feels like years of searching I have finally found the perfect riding boot. Well, for me anyway. I probably ordered and tried on 10 pairs of boots the last few months. See the problem is, I have large calves, and I just couldn’t find a quality boot in wide calf. I even ordered the Frye Melissa Button boot in wide calf and it just didn’t fit. I was heart broken. Enter the Frye Dorado Riding Boot. They are wide calf but after reading about 100 reviews of them, I found out they are pretty roomy in the calf. So what was one more of pair of boots to order and try on??? I didn’t have high hopes for them since they weren’t a wide calf but I thought it was worth a try. Well low and behold, the fit!!! Any they are soooooo beautiful. They were a little snug but I could get them all the way on, so I knew I could get them stretched a little bit and they would be perfect. I took them to the leather guy that use to repair my saddles, had him stretch them and now they are perfect. I am over the moon happy with them and they are such great quality. Yes, they were a splurge, but I had been saving for a good pair of boots for months, and Frye’s last a lifetime. I also ordered Frye’s weatherproofing dressing and it is great! I highly recommend it for anyone with a pair of leather boots.



Dana: Let’s Dish

download 2

Let’s Dish is a place where you go and cook meals.   They have all the ingredients and instructions and when you are finished it all goes in freezer bags.  My mom had a Groupon and made us some meals and they are delicious!  They are also week night lifesavers.  I get home at 6 and we usually eat around 7 after everything is made and I’ve had 10 minutes to breath.  We had four different meals this month: cranberry and walnut tortellini, cranberry and apple chicken, crunchy cheese chicken, and pork tenderloin with stuffing.  The meals are simple to make from the freezer and they all have easy to follow instructions for the tired chef.

Caitlin: Buying Loved One’s Gifts

I LOVE buying my family and friends gifts. I think it is so much fun to hunt down the perfect thing that I think the will love. Through out the year, I keep a list in my phone of gifts I think people will love. If I hear them mention something they would love to have, or they say something that gives me an idea of something I could make them, I put it in my phone. It is really helpful when it comes to gift giving time and I can’t think of a single thing to get them! (Doesn’t that always seem to happen?!) I pull up my trusty little list and am so happy that I have kept track through out the year.

It really came in handy for a little gift I am getting my husband this year (don’t worry, he never remembers to read our blog). We seemed to have lost half our measuring cups and need new ones. One day when I was talking about buying some, Todd mentioned that he wish he had measuring cups like his Momma did when he was little. He described them as measuring cups with duck heads as handles. What?! I could not even imagine what they would begin to look like. I wrote it down in my phone and forgot about. When I needed extra little gift I started searching for these so called ‘duck measuring cups’. Turns out they are geese. I found what I thought was them on Etsy. They were in the original Avon box and never used! I sent a picture to his Momma and she said they are exactly it. She said she even remembers buying them from Avon! I am so excited for him to open them because I know he won’t even remember mentioning them, but will be so happy to have them.



Dana: Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year: Orchid

Did you know that Pantone puts out a Color of the Year?  I did not know this until last week when they released it.  I really like their choice and am a fan of finding orchid throughout 2014.


Caitlin: Wrapping Gifts

I love wrapping gifts but when it comes to Christmas, I always find myself doing a mad dash on Christmas Eve to get everything wrapped and they never come out how I imagine. This year, I am really going to try to wrap everything ahead of time so I can do something really creative. Here are some ideas I am loving right now!

giftwrap1 giftwrap2


Dana: Secrets

This time of year has always been hard for me when it comes to keeping presents secrets.  As a child I would cry if someone didn’t allow me to tell them what I got them.  That’s right, I didn’t want to know what I was getting- I wanted to tell people what their gifts from me were.  I am much better as an adult but it’s almost too much for me still.  I get giddy with excitement when I look at the presents I have purchased.

Caitlin: Lea Michele

Lea Michele came out with the first single of her new album this week and I love it. I wasn’t sold at first, but after listening to it a few times, it grew on me. I have been a huge fan of hers for a long time. Dana and I were lucky enough to see her sing live at Radio City Music Hall a few years back and her voice live gave me chills. She is amazing. I can’t wait until the rest of the album comes out!



Dana: Snow days!

photo (8)

I had a delay on Monday and a snow day on Tuesday!  Best week ever!  It was so nice to stay home with my puppy and watch the snow.  It was also fun to watch my puppy romp in the snow as well.  Snow is just so magical and everything looks nicer when it is covered in a soft, white, snowy blanket.  The weather people are predicting some more snow for this weekend possibly and maybe even some on Christmas Eve.  I can only hope!

Caitlin: Antropologie Ornaments

How cute are these ornaments?! The only have the yellow tutu one left, so I think I may have to snatch her up for her tree. They remind me of the children’s books Angelina Ballerina which were some of my favorite books growing up. I love all the little details on them! I may just keep it hung in my cubicle because it is so darn cute!

mouse ornaments


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