Living Room Makeover

A few months ago, I decided I wanted to change up our living room. It is currently white, tan and a soft sage. It looks nice, but it just wasn’t my style. I think I was trying to make it gender neutral for my husband. I wanted him to feel like he lived their too, and not just reflect my style. One day he looked around and said, “This doesn’t look anything like you. Where is all the pink? Why don’t we have anything pink in here?” (If you know me, you know pink is EVERYWHERE) I told him since it was both our space, I didn’t think pink would be right. He then told me he loved pink and bright colors and that I could do whatever I wanted. Wooohooo! I am definitely incorporating pink, but I am also adding navy blue accents to make it a little more masculine. This Caitlin Wilson pillow was the inspiration for this room:


I love everything Caitlin Wilson does, but this fabric is my absolute favorite. The pink in the flower is the PERFECT pink and I love the combo of the light blue and navy. Issue is, it is a little expensive for my budget. I saved some money but buying fabric by the yard instead of buying the premade pillow cover. This saved me money because I was able to make the pillow covers fit pillow inserts I already had, and I was able to get 2 pillows out of 1 yard of fabric. So I ordered the Navy Fleur Chinoise and the Pink City Maze fabrics for pillows. During the Caitlin Wilson’s cyber sale, I also treated my self to a smaller gold bow pillow. It is everything I love on one pillow!

Since I splurged on the pillows, I am trying to do everything else on the cheap. Here is my inspiration board I made for the rest of the room:


Curtains/Pillows/Couch/Zebra/Gnome/Pink Tray/Navy Throw/Gold Pouf

Luckily I already have the couch and pillows 🙂 The curtain panels are on sale for $29.99 a panel, so I think those will be my next purchase. Everything else, I am on the hunt for cheaper options. I will keep you updated and will be sure to post pictures when the room is complete!


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