Lady Date



When was the last time you and your BFF went on a date?

Caitlin and I had a lady date last night and it was amazing!  Our original plan was dinner and a movie but the movie just did not work out.  Philomena wasn’t playing anywhere near us and the only showing of American Hustle was at 1:40 am.  Yes, you read that correctly, 1:40 in the morning.  We both double checked that time and Caitlin even called the movie theater.  The weird part was that one day earlier the movie time was 6 pm.

First, our date started with us both in black leggings and brown boots.  Are we BFF or what?

For dinner we went to our favorite restaurant, Maiwand Kabob.  O.M.G.  Their food is so delicious!  We had their amazing rice and naan and Caitlin had a chicken kabob and I had samosas.  It’s hitting me now that we didn’t order the pumpkin- Caitlin, why didn’t we order the pumpkin?  This food is so good that my brother is thinking of using them to cater his wedding.  We were there for two hours partly because of service but we also had so much to chit chat about.  We talked about Caitlin’s nephew Felix and my boyfriend’s new promotion(!) and Christmas and all kinds of things.   Lady dates are the best for gossiping and talking about every little thing on our minds.

samosa chicken bob naan pumpkin

After dinner we went to Books A Million and looked at children’s books and then walked around Target without even buying anything, which is crazy because Target is our Mecca.

It was such a lovely evening and I can’t wait for our next date!

(thank you to whoever took those Maiwand pictures)


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