Five on Friday!

We’re back! We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season. Now, back to blogging!



Caitlin: Cleaning!

Part of  my New Years Resolution is to become a better cleaner. I always joke (but its in kind of true) my Momma never taught me to clean. It is probably her least favorite task, so she always had someone come in once and month and do all the deep scrubbing. But hey, with four kids and a full time job, I probably would too. Anyway, when I moved into my first apartment I realized, I had no idea how to really clean. I had no clue how to clean a toilet or shower, what to use to clean a oven, or how to clean hardwood floors. Thank goodness for Pinterest, because it has taught me so much! (Check my out my cleaning Pinterest board here) My other issue of course, is that lack of wanting to clean. So I am making much more of an effort. I tackled my kitchen the other day and it was so rewarding! My husband has a pair of wireless headphones, so I synced them up with my iPad, turn on Orange is the New Black, and went to town. I scrubbed every cabinet, every appliance and every nook and cranny. And I have to say, I was pretty pleased with myself when I was done. Next stop, the bedroom. I better find a new show to start watching because I am almost done with Orange is the New Black!

Dana: Lydia and Pugs


My boss got me this super cute notepad from Lydia and Pugs for Christmas and I love it.  I went right online and ordered the same notepad for my Aunt who owns a pug and a set of cards for a friend who owns a pug.  There are lots of other dogs you can get and you can even dress them up. Olive is a fiest so they don’t have her outline but they have one that looks like Caitlin’s Sophie.


Caitlin: Orange is the New Black


Speaking of Orange is the New Black….have you seen it?! If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a TV junkie. It’s a problem but I am okay with it. This show is my latest obsession. The only downfall its only into its first season! I can’t wait for the second one to start!

Dana: Soma

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 9.10.22 AM

I have been buy those crappy $9 bras from Target for far too long and decided to go to our new Soma store at the mall.  They have the best bras.  The bras aren’t out of control with crazy push up or lace and they are the softest bras I have ever owned.  It’s like wearing a tshirt.  And they aren’t crazily priced- I got 2 for $60.  Not a bad deal at all.


Caitlin: Washingtonian Bride and Groom


Our wedding was in a magazine! It was so exciting to see our wedding photos in a magazine.


Dana even found that our cake is the picture for the Table of Contents! I love that we now have this magazine to add to our wedding memories.




Last night I looked at my library book shelf to see what I had checked out and realized it was 5 cookbooks.  Really, Dana?  Do you need 5 cookbooks checked out at once?  The answer is no so I’m spending today going through them and deciding which recipes I want to hold onto.  Here’s what’s on my shelf: Smitten Kitchen, Cover & Bake, America’s Best Lost Recipes, Simply Homemade Food Gifts, and Soups, Stews, and One-Pot Meals.


Caitlin: Drip Pans and Under Cabinet Lights

In my cleaning of the kitchen adventures, I discovered two things. My drip pans are nearly impossible to clean and my counters have almost no lighting.

I have tried about three different methods for cleaning my drip pans and I think every time I try another, they just get worst. At one point the started to rust, I think because I did too much to them, or just used a cleaner I shouldn’t have. So I went to Home Depot’s website to see if you can just buy replacement drip pans. And, what do you know, you can! For $15 bucks, I can get all four replacement pans! Totally worth it. I will be heading to Home Depot to pick these up. My oven is going to look so shiny and new!



Playful Puppy Time!

Olive met my brother’s dog, Hubble, for the first time this past week and they are the best of friends.  Olive weighs 20 pounds and Hubble weighs 130 pounds so it is pretty adorable to watch them play.  Olive’s favorite move is hopping up onto the couch and jumping onto Hubble’s back.  Hubble is so gentle and sweet with her, too.

photo 3

This is when Hubble and Olive met.  Olive was instantly in love with my brother so she stuck close by to him while Hubble sniffed away.
photo 4

A lovely close up of the adorable Hubble.
photo (10)

The morning after playing with Hubble all day long on Christmas.  Olive slept the entire night and the first part of the day.


Caitlin: Under Cabinet Lighting

The second thing I noticed when cleaning my kitchen was that my counter space has no lighting. So I got to thinking, how can I light the cabinets without screwing expensive lights under the cabinets? Then I remembered a silly infomercial I got sucked into. Stick n’ Click!


Light battery operated push lights that you can just stick to the wall! They actually attach with velcro, but I have read a few reviews that say they fall off after a few days, so I think I am going to buy some heavy duty 3M tape and use that instead of the velcro. I think I am going to take a page from Two Twenty One and have one spotlight directly on my new Kitchen Aid!



My Brother’s Wedding

KC autumn

Today I’m going with my brother and his fiance to look at their wedding venue, an old carriage house.  I am so excited because it is a beautiful building made of stone with huge wood beams running across it inside.  They live in Illinois so it’s the first time they are seeing it and probably the last until the weekend they get married in July.  When Caitlin got married I think we made up excuses to go look at her venue.  Maybe we’ll hit Maiwand Kabob (previously mentioned in my Lady Date post) for lunch since that’s who they want to cater their reception.


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