Ikea Coffee Table Upgrade

Over the Christmas holiday, I decided to complete a project I had started on my Ikea coffee table. I hit a snag with how I originally planned to execute this little project, so I just let it sit there…for two months…until I decided it was time to finish it.

My husband and I purchased the Ikea Lack table for $20. It is a great little table for our little apartment but it need a little sass.


Since I am currently in love with gold, I decided gold corners would be perfect. I ordered three sets of gold brackets from Amazon (the same ones I used for my Ikea Dresser Hack) at got to work.

I started attaching them and realized I am an idiot.


The top bracket went on great, but when I went to screw the brackets in on the sides of the table, I realized, the screws were hitting the screws from the top bracket. Again, idiot. I still can’t figure out why I didn’t think of this before hand. I eventually got them all screwed in but they were all sorts of wonky and they screws edges were sticking out .


So it was on to plan B. Gluing the brackets on. This table was $20 so it didn’t need to be perfect. This is how the table sat for two months with just one corner done. Mostly because I was mad it didn’t work the way I wanted it to. Eventually I bought some super glue and went back to work.

1It isn’t perfect, but I think it is a nice improvement to the plain coffee table it was before!







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