Baby and Momma Care Package

As I said last week, I have a obsession with sending care packages. The person I send the most care packages to is my 6 month old nephew Felix. This past week, I had to send my sister some of Felix’s burp cloths she left here over the holidays. I of course, couldn’t send just those. I had to load the box up with fun things for Baby and Momma.

Here are a few ideas of items to send in a care package for a Baby and Momma.

Baby Care Package


Felix is very picky about his pacifiers and these MAM newborn ones are the only pacifiers he will use. They are only $3.99 at Target (I don’t know why they are $5.49 online, they are always $3.99 in the store) so I always grab a set when I am sending a care package. You can never have too many pacifiers!

Cooking for Baby

Felix has just started eating baby food, and my sister and brother in-law are making it all home made. I saw this baby food cookbook at Williams Sonoma and I really liked that it had a lot of different combinations to try. I don’t know anything about baby food though, so I went home and read the reviews on Amazon. It had great reviews and was ALOT cheaper on Amazon.

Sweater One-Piece

I went to Baby Gap, my favorite place to find baby boy clothes, and found this adorable sweater one-piece. The great thing about Baby Gap is that there is always a sale! I don’t think I have ever bought Felix something from Gap at full price. This sweater one-piece was originally $34.95. It was on sale, and then had an additional 50% off, so I ended up getting it for $10!

Teething Toy

Felix has also started teething and is not too happy about it. I love these handmade teething toys I found on Etsy!

Revlon Lip

I always try to send something for the Momma as well. I know she loves this lip stain that I introduced her too last Christmas, so it would be perfect to throw in as a little treat for her.

A Book of Sleep Board Book

I learned from my Dana that board books are great for teaching little ones how books work and makes it easier for them to turn pages. It is so handy having a bestie that is a librarian 🙂 This books has very pretty illustrations and is perfect for bedtime!

Starbucks Gift Card

Can’t go wrong with a Starbucks gift card for a tired Momma and Dad!

Do you love sending care packages to little ones? What are your favorite things to send?


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