DIY Crochet Scarf


This past Christmas I crocheted a scarf for my mom as one of her gifts.  I had made her one a few years ago but it was one of my first attempts at  crocheting so it was a little wonky.  The one I made this year was long, skinny, and had a ruffle on one side.  The pattern is the Arugula Scarf from Fiber Flux, one of my favorite crochet blogs, and only altered it a little.
photo 1 (3)

I started by chaining 200.  I did this during my lunch break at work while sitting at my desk and was worried someone would interrupt me causing me to loose track so I made a chart and marked the boxes off every 25 ch.

photo 2 (3)

Once I got going I was on a roll.  I found that I crochet quite tightly so I added two more rows of stitches to make a good width.
photo 3 (1)

This shot is just as I was starting the ruffle row.  I had done an extra two rows to get the width I wanted and I loved that I could see it angling out which gives it that nice curl.

photo 4 (1)

Here is the completed scarf!  It was a very simple scarf to make and I suggest it for any beginner who wants to do more than single crochet.  I didn’t use the yarn suggested in the post but found one of a similar size at Michael’s.  I think the hardest part was picking out what color it should be.  The yarn was also quite soft which I think is important because I can’t stand itchy things on my neck.

While I was making the scarf, my boyfriend didn’t understand why it was so skinny and said that it wouldn’t keep my mom warm.  I have it on good authority from my mom that it keeps her quite warm and she loves it.

Nothing stands close to a homemade gift.


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