Winter Time Blues


Do you have the post-Christmas, post-New Year, just plain cold out Winter Time Blues?  The beginning of winter always seems so much fun.  It’s getting cold and you get to wear scarves and sweaters and mittens everyday and you’re shopping for presents.  All the excitement goes a little flat once we’re really into winter and past all the exciting bits.  I still enjoy winter and love snow, but I think the Winter Time Blues catch up with everyone.

When I’m feeling low I find that getting out of the house is the best thing to do.  I’ll walk Olive or if its too damn cold for that I’ll go to a store and walk around.  Go to the mall or the library or a museum.

Plan a vacation.  Nothing makes me more excited than planning a vacation.  Oddly enough, my vacation at the beginning of spring is a winter throw back- I’m going to Iceland.  But just the thought of going somewhere different is exciting.  What will you do there?  Where will you eat?  More importantly for Iceland, what will you eat?  I love to think of summer time plans and the possibility of going to New Mexico.  Thoughts of New Mexico always warm me up.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day.  This may seem painful to some who don’t have significant others but as Caitlin and I have shown in the last two posts Valentine’s Day is not just for those in relationships.  We were each other’s Valentines when we lived hundreds of miles apart.  We made ridiculous care packages and mailed them to each other.  I still have a pink My Little Pony that Caitlin sent me one year.  Take your mom out, or a sibling, or gal pal it up.  Having Valentine’s Day to look forward too is always nice.

Get prematurely ready for Spring.  Who says cleaning out and organizing has to wait until Spring?  Start now!  I’ve just gone through my drawers and gotten rid of stuff I haven’t been wearing in the cold weather.  If you’re going to be spending time inside because of the cold you may as well make it look nice.

As lame as it sounds- take up a hobby.  Learning something new will definitely take your mind off of winter.  Learn to crochet yourself something cozy or go wild and make everything you have pinned to Pinterest.  That would probably keep all of us busy for the rest of the season.  Find a fun class to take.  I’m doing a Paper Source class tonight and my Whimseybox should be here next week.  I also got a fun artsy coloring book for Christmas that will keep me nice and occupied.

Make a bunch of tiny goals and plans.  The more you break everything down into simple goals the more you will feel you have accomplished.  (Side note- this also works if you are unemployed and feeling down)

So, keep your head up!  Winter is only here for a few more weeks and then flowers will start blooming and you’ll break out the ankle pants.

If it just seems to far away, try this countdown to make the time pass.


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