Five on Friday!



Dana: The Washington Post

One part of my job is keeping up with the news.  I listen to NPR on my way to work and read The Washington Post while I’m at work along with Google News.  Two of my favorite things from The Washington Post online this week were the infographic showing what happens to your body when you sit for too long and a neat game where you slowly un-pixel-ize famous pieces of art to see how quickly you can guess what they are.  I guessed all of them but didn’t know every piece’s official name.  How many can you get?

Caitlin: Pasta Carbonara


I had never made Pasta Carbonara before, but it always sounded so good to me, so I decided to give it a try last week. It isn’t the prettiest looking dish (and my photography skills are lacking) but is was sooooooo good. So good in fact, that my husband asked me to make it again the next night! I think this will become a regular in our home. Here is the link to the recipe I used.


Dana: Super Bowl Bingo

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 8.28.44 AM

Some of us are just not into football at all but find ourselves watching the Super Bowl almost every year.  That’s why I love these Super Bowl Bingo sheets from Studio DIY.  Bingo is amazing and I love that it can be integrated into football.  Usually I watch The Sound of Music during the big game but I just might pay attention with one of these i my hand.

Caitlin: My Jeep


We had a good amount of snow this week (well, for Maryland it was a lot) and I have never loved my Jeep Commander more. We call him ‘Chief” and in “Chief Commanding Officer’. My husband and I have been really happy with it since we bought it, but it really shows its capabilities in the snow. I have had SUV’s with 4 wheel drive before, but none have ever  handled as well in the snow as my Jeep does. My husband and I agree, we are Jeep owners for life!


And how funny is this Mickey Mouse icicle that formed on my bumper!


Dana: Cava Mezze Grill


If you live in the DC Metro area you need to get to Cava fast!  This place is so delicious and I go crazy for their Crazy Feta.  I’ve been dreaming of it all week.  I always try and save half for my lunch the next day but that never seems to work.

Caitlin: This Outfit

(I didn’t want to steal her picture so will have to follow the link to see the outfit!)

Summerwind is one of my favorite fashion blogs. She posted this outfit this week and I am IN LOVE with it. It is so classic, but still somewhat casual. I like that it looks comfortable but still very put together. I will be trying to recreate this outfit as soon as there is no longer snow on the ground!


Dana: Cards Against Humanity

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 8.29.06 AM

Like an out of control, sick and twisted, and slightly crude Apples to Apples.  Go buy it!  I played this game for the first time a while ago but my boyfriend got it for Christmas and I can’t wait to play again.  I would compare its sick humor to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Caitlin: Milky Mason Jars


How pretty are these new mason jars from Fishes Eddy?! I think I would use smaller ones for drinking glasses and the bigger ones would be perfect for kitchen utensils!


Dana: Snow Days!

I had a snow day and a half this past week which left me with a 2 and a half day work week.  The best!  I’m wrapping my week up today and I get a full two day weekend.

Caitlin: American Idol


I don’t normally watch American Idol (at least not since the first few seasons) but I caught last nights episode and I like it much better than it has been in the last few season, all because of the judges. First of all, Harry Connick Jr. is hilarious and adorable. Secondly, I really like that they have gotten away from being mean. They aren’t showing tons of horrible auditions just to make fun of the contestants, and when the contestants aren’t that great, the judges don’t tear them apart. It is a refreshing change from the past American Idol judges!


7 thoughts on “Five on Friday!

  1. The mickey mouse icicle is hilarious… maybe you need to plan a trip to Disney!? Thanks for sharing the super bowl bingo, I’m usually watching it for the commercials anyways so this might add some excitement! Those milky mason jars are adorable and will be in my kitchen shortly. Have a nice weekend ladies ~

  2. Thanks so much for linking to my blog! I am so flattered that you liked my outfit 🙂 Thanks for reading. Your blog is great!!!

    The pasta carbonara sounds delish… I need a Jeep like you… my little car isn’t cutting it in all of this snow! Stay warm!

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