All I need Is A Red Rose

I LOVED my wedding shoes. They were the Kate Spade Charm Heel in Silver Glitter. I mean, what can be better than a shoe with glitter AND a bow. Not much, in my opinion.


Since my wedding, they have been stored away in my closet in their box, but I decided that they are too pretty to be kept away. I wanted to find a way to display them in my bedroom. I found this display case at Hobby Lobby (on sale) so I decided to give it a try.


8×12″ Dome


8″ Base

First, I had to cover the ugly orange wood that the base was made out of. I sanded it,  and then wiped it down so that it didn’t turn my paint orange.



Since it was such a bright orange, I decided to paint it white to get a nice even base. I used Martha Stewart craft paint in Wedding Cake. (How appropriate!)


I was originally going to paint the base a very pale pink but then decided to just stick with white, so I added a few more coats of white. The shoes have a lot going on, so I thought it would be best to keep the display case simple.

Once I had a nice solid white and it was all dry, I very carefully placed the shoes inside and it was complete! Getting the shoes in there, in the position I wanted was difficult, but after a few adjustments, they were perfect! Here is the finished result!



When I first began my project, my husband thought it was such a cool idea. He had a different opinion however when it was all finished. He looked at it and said, “That is creepy. It looks like my head should be in there.” And then I looked at and thought, well yea, it does look kind of strange. So of course, I sent a picture to Dana to see what she thought.



Dana was dead on. Just put a red rose in there, and it is straight out of Beauty and the Beast! It is kind of strange, especially when sitting on my bedside table. I have decided to keep them there for now until I find a better place for them. I think they would look good on a big book case next to all of my wedding books. Right now, it dwarfs my bedside table but I think it will look better on a bigger piece of furniture. But for now, I am happy with being able to see these glittering beauties before I got to bed each night.




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