Not the Super Bowl



I am not what one would call a fan of football.  I find the sport boring and unnecessarily long.  If they are 15 minute quarters, why do they each take 45 minutes?

So what is a girl to do on Super Bowl Sunday?

1) Still go to a Super Bowl Party.  This is my decision for this year’s Super Bowl.  Caitlin is hosting a little get together so I know the food will be delicious.  Olive will be attending the party with me so I hope this is a good opportunity to socialize her with other puppies.  And with puppies around I will have my own personal Puppy Bowl!

2) Watch something else on TV.  There are bunches of other channels with lots of other more amazing things on.  To name a few- The Puppy Bowl, Downton Abbey and then Sherlock right after, and two Harry Potter movies on ABC Family.

3) Watch a movie.  My mom and I love to watch The Sound of Music during the Super Bowl.  We sing along loudly to all the songs and then pause it to watch the halftime show.

4) Go grocery shopping.  Have you ever been out when everyone else is in?  A few years ago when I was living in Pittsburgh, I went out to get a pizza during the big game.  I walked in, they handed me my pizza, and I left the money on the counter.  No words were exchanged.  All eyes (except mine) were on the TV.  My eyes were on my delicious pizza.  So go grocery shopping in an empty store and have the freedom of the aisle.  No worrying about getting in someone’s way or standing in a ridiculous line at check out.

5) Read a book.  If everyone is watching the game, you can bet that you won’t get disrupted with a phone call or someone knocking at the door.  Get comfy and grab your favorite book.

How will you spend your Super Bowl Sunday?  Or to some of us, your February 2?


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