Chalk It Up


Chalkboards are the new coolest thing since sliced bread and they are everywhere.  I have one at work that I change up every now and then.  Here’s a recap of what I’ve done:

photo (11) IMG_1245 IMG_1280 IMG_1019 IMG_1020 IMG_1202

Love Your Library is the current chalkboard because it is Library Lover Month.

Now, I may be creative but I am not the creative genius that some of my coworkers think I am.  I do a lot of copying.  This is where Pinterest comes into play.  Yesterday I searched for Valentine’s Day chalkboards on Pinterest to find a good Library Lover model.    Sometimes it’s just for a font or detail and other times it’s for the whole thing.  For the New Year’s board I combined a couple different ideas.

The chalkboard is one of my favorite things to do at work and I’m always looking for what I’ll do next.  St. Patrick’s Day maybe?


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