Five on Friday

We are linking up with April, Darci, Natasha and Christina on this lovely Friday!





This is one of my favorite websites for gifting.  Birthday season in my family starts in March and ends in August.  There is at least one birthday a month.  Perpetual Kid has so much fun stuff and it’s all a little different and funny.  I have gotten many things on this site and everyone has always loved it.

Caitlin: New York!

My husband and I are visiting my In-Laws in Central New York this weekend and I am so happy to be here! We weren’t able to come up here for the Holidays so we have brought everyone’s Christmas gifts up with us. Todd’s family has a ‘sugar shack’ where they produce maple syrup. There is also a little store in the front where they sell the syrup. When the sap is running, it is a family affair and everyone helps out (except for us, since we are down in Maryland) so we decided to get shirts made for everyone with the ‘sugar shacks’ logo on them. I can’t wait to give them to everyone! I am also very excited for my mother in-laws famous maple rolls and sausage and gravy. Here is a mock up of what the shirts will look like.



Dana: Wire Wrapped Necklace Whimseybox


I got my first Whimseybox the last week in January and I’m finally getting around to doing the craft.  It’s a beaded wire wrapped necklace.  I made one of the wire wrapped beads last night and it went alright.  I think I can make it look better now that I’ve done one.  When the necklace is finished I just have to hope the progress of my skill isn’t too obvious.

Caitlin: J. Crew Chandelier Sweatshirt


I have been waiting and waiting for this sweatshirt to arrive after hunting for it for about a month. It finally arrived this week and I love it! It isn’t the most practical sweatshirt but it is so pretty! No hugs allowed in this sweatshirt though,  because it is guaranteed that one of the crystals will inevitably attach themselves to the other persons shirt.


Dana: Olive my puppy


I just love my puppy, Olive.  She is cute as a button and full of personality.  My favorite time is in the morning on the weekends when I wake her up and she’s all snuggles and love.  We got her at 6 months and are discovering that she was not socialized properly but our vet told us that she just needs more interactions with both dogs and humans.  Hopefully our sweet little puppy can move past her fears of meeting people.

Caitlin: Ring Soldering


After much deliberation,  I decided to have my wedding band and engagement ring soldered together. I’ve lived with them soldered together for a week and I am so happy that I did it! I asked my jeweler if we could solder them so they were slightly separate. He looked at me like I was crazy until I showed him what I wanted. He said he had never done it with two pre-existing rings, but he really liked the idea so he would try it. The only concern he had is the section that would be soldered together would be much smaller then it would be it if the rings were just flush up against each other. It worked and I love how it turned out. My jeweler did say that I have to be careful when putting the ring on and taking it off, and that I may have to get it re-done in a few years, but it is totally worth it!


Dana: Buy 9 Coffees Get 10th Free

I ran out of half and half on Monday and, for some reason, have not been to the grocery store to get more.  So I’ve been getting my coffee at a local market each morning.  They have a punch card that I’ve used a handful of times over the last few months but I filled that baby up this week and this morning I got my free coffee!  Best start to a Friday morning ever.

Caitlin: Valentine’s Day Chalkboard

After seeing Dana’s Instagram post about making her Valentines chalk board for work, I realized I still needed to work on mine. I looked for inspiration on Pinterest and found this card from Paper Source. Normally I just used pictures to get ideas of what to do, but I liked this one so much, I just did the exact same design! Hope they don’t mind! Haha




Dana: Woven Newspaper Baskets

I was challenged at work to come up with a maker craft that would be interesting to someone older than 8 years old.  I saw my giant stack of newspapers under my desk and went bananas.  I made two woven newspaper baskets this week, a little and a big.  The little one is a little wonky as it was my first try but the big one looks great.  It now houses my napkins, coasters, and salt and pepper grinders on my dining room table.  So handy!  If you’d like to try and make your own, use this tutorial.

Caitlin: Valentine’s Day Printable’s

Valentine’s Day is my favorite Holiday, so of course, I had to make Valentine Care Packages for all my girlfriends! I am using these printables from Sassy Wife/Classy Life’s Etsy Shop, Lovely Little Prints. She will have a coupon code on her blog this week so be sure to check it out! Check back next week for a post about what else I am putting in my Valentine’s Care Packages 🙂

hersheykisses sassyprintable


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