NY Weekend

Over the weekend, Todd, our friend Zach and I went to NY. The boys went for ‘Winter Weekend’ which is a shooting event at Todd’s families hunting camp, so I didn’t see them much over the weekend.

I went to hang out with my mother-in law, sister in-law’s and nieces and nephew. I had such a wonderful time. It had been so long since we had been up to NY so it was so nice to be able to spend a nice long weekend there.

My mother-in law, Luann,  and I took her dogs and Sophie for a long walk on the back roads on Friday morning. Sophie LOVED it. Because we were on back roads, they were all off leashes, which is something I can never do with Sophie living in the suburbs. She was is doggie heaven.


(If you look closely, the little tan blur in the snow, that is Sophie)

Luann takes Sophie for lots of these walks whenever we visit, so Sophie knows her boundaries. She never went past her best friend, Charlie the golden retiriver, and knows to come back and check in every few minutes. I got some great videos of her running in the woods, but unfortunately I can’t get them to upload here. I will be sure to post them on my Instagram later today. Here is a picture of Charlie. He doesn’t need to be on a leash, but loves to take his leash with him on his walks. He just carries it in his mouth! Too funny!


Later that day, we picked up my niece, Chloe, from school and then picked up my nephew Conner. We went back to the house, and of course, I had a craft for them to do. I collected some old crayons to make into new crayons. Chloe was in charge of taking the wrappers off of the old crayons, which she told me “Was so much fun!” and Conner was in charge of breaking the crayons into little pieces which he told me was “So cool!” I thought I was going to have to prepare the crayons for melting, but they had so much fun doing it.


Next, they put the pieces of the Crayons in the molds. They were in shock when I told them that they could mix colors and then their Crayons would come out with swirls.



Then we put the molds in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. When I opened the oven, this is what happened:



Oops. The Lego molds were fine. I had bought them on Amazon, which stated they could be put in the oven. I borrowed the heart molds from Dana. She had never used them before, but they felt the same as the Lego molds so I figured they were oven safe as well. Boy was I wrong. The Lego Crayons came out great though. The kids immediately started coloring with them so I forgot to take a picture, but they looked like this:




The next day, us girls went and got pedicures. This was Chloe’s first pedicure. On the way there, she had decided that she didn’t want one because “There was no way she could sit for that long”, but once we were there and she saw her favorite cousin Rachel was doing it, she decided that she should too. She loved it! She even got a little design on her big toe. She told us they were snowflakes 🙂


(We found that the iPad helped her keep still haha)

That night we watched Frozen. I hadn’t seen it yet and I actually really liked it. By Sunday morning, we had watched it eight times. And I still sort of liked it. I was also ‘forced’ by Chloe to purchase the Frozen album on my iPhone so that we could listen to it while we craft. I will forever have ‘Let it Go’ stuck in my head. But I kind of loved it.

Here is Conner watching Frozen with all his ‘buddies’ lined up to watch it with him. He told me what was happening the entire movie. It was nice to have a little narrator 🙂


I always have such an amazing time at my in-laws and I can’t wait for our next trip!


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