Valentine’s Day Care Packages

To say I am obsessed with Valentine’s Day is an understatement. Some say it is a ‘Hallmark Holiday’ but I think it is a wonderful day to celebrate everyone in your life that you love. And wear A LOT of pink 🙂

I normally get a little something for my girlfriends for Valentine’s Day, like a card and some candy, but this year I decided to combine my love for the holiday and my love for care packages.

I wanted these care packages to be fun from the moment it arrived at their door step, so I decided to decorate the outside of the box.


I bought a heart shaped stamp and use Martha Stewart craft paint. I mostly used the stamp as an outline and then painted the rest in by hand.


Here is what I put in the car packages. Everyone’s packages had different color hair ties and nail polishes, depending on their tastes. The package below is for my sister.


I used Sassy Wife/Classy Life’s printables from her shop Lovely Little Prints for the jars of Hershey Kisses, the bottoms of the Hersey Kisses and the confetti poppers I made.




I also found these great hair tie packs on GroopDealz.


I packaged them all up with cute heart tissue paper from Target.


And off they go!

3I hope my girlfriends (and sister) enjoy these care packages as much as I enjoyed making them!

Do you celebrate your girlfriends on Valentine’s Day? What do you get them?


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