Apple TV

On Saturday morning, while I was still sleeping, Todd went to Best Buy to buy a cord for our TV. He has been nagging me to watch the Netflix series House of Cards, but I just hate sitting and watching TV shows on my ipad with headphones when I have a giant flat screen TV right in front of me. We have a Blu Ray player, so Todd just needed to pick up a new cord for it…and a new remote because we lost it in our last move. And what did he come home with? An Apple TV.


I was very interested in hearing how he went from buying a cord and remote, to buying an Apple TV. Apparently, he decided we needed one since we use Netflix so much and he watches about three movies a week. I couldn’t really argue about it with him since the man never buys himself anything. So, he set it up in about five minutes and then we sat and watched House of Cards. ALL DAY LONG. It was actually pretty nice to just veg out with my Husband and puppy all day without anything on our schedule. I am a TV addict however, so in the long run, this Apple TV may be a BAD thing for me. Time will tell.


Onto House of Cards. Man is it good. It isn’t they type of show I normally like so I didn’t think I would get into it but I was sucked right in. I always enjoy TV shows placed in DC, because I like spotting familiar places. I also find that Kevin Spacey’s character, Frank Underwood, southern accent is hypnotizing. It draws me in every time. I also really enjoy that the show makes me think and has me trying to figure out what Frank Underwood is going to do next.

Have you watched House of Cards? What do you think? Do you have an Apple TV? What do you watch on it?


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