What Would Caitlin Wilson Do?

I am looking for a rug for our living room and am having a hard time deciding on which direction to go in. The inspiration for the whole room are these two fabrics from Caitlin Wilson, which I have used to make several throw pillows. (I am obsessed with EVERYTHING she creates) Check out my post here to see my inspiration board for my living room.



Here are the rugs I have narrowed it down to:

Option One:

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PB Teen Decorator Border Rug $339

I like the classic look of this rug, but I am a little put off by the price.

Option Two:


PB Teen Classic Dottie Rug $215

I love the whimsy that this rug adds. The price is good for what  you get, but I am worried it will make the room look too much like a teenage girls bedroom.

Option Three:

Recently Updated3

Concentric Diamond Rug $138

I am surprise but I actually love this neutral option. However, I am concerned that it will show every little stain. Also, it is a indoor/outdoor rug and I am not sure how well those type of rugs lay onto of carpet. I am worried that once I put my coffee table on top of it, the rug won’t lay flat.

Option Four:


Ikea Ferle Rug $29.99

Well, you can’t beat $29.99 for an area rug! It is a little busy, but is the colors are right….and seriously, $29.99 for a rug?! I can’t get over that.

What do you think?! I can’t decide! I keep asking myself, ‘What would Caitlin Wilson Do?’

Please leave a comment with which option you like best 🙂


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