Craft Fail and Craft Win

I hate when a craft doesn’t go the way it should. I drives me bananas. Normally I can trouble shoot and get it to eventually work but last night I had no such luck.

I am making baby bibs for someone and for the life of me, I couldn’t get them right. I decided to make them for someone’s baby shower after my sister made these super cute bibs for a friend of hers.


She sent me the pattern and I got to work. She used shower curtain material in-between (so messes wouldn’t soak through)the two fabrics so I purchased a similar fabric at Joann’s.



I pinned all three fabrics together, sewed them together, and it was a hot mess. It was all wavy and wouldn’t lay flat. Grrrr.  I took it apart and tried again. And again. It wouldn’t work! I can’t figure out what the problem is. I cut all the pieces from the exact same pattern. I got so frustrated that I decided to put it aside for the night and try again tonight. If anyone has any tips, I would greatly appreciated it!

I didn’t want to go to bed on a bad crafting experience (yes, that is a thing for me) so I decided to work on a craft that is going well. I am currently painting wooden peg dolls for my niece and nephew and I am loving how they are coming out.

I am painting four Disney princesses for my niece and four super hero’s for my nephew. I wanted them to be a surprise so I asked my sister-in-law what their favorite characters are. I then made a little template so I could draw out what I would paint on each doll. This also helped me figure out what paint colors I would need.


Then I lightly drew in pencil on the wooden dolls so I could then just fill in with paint.


Then I started painting! It has been the most relaxing thing in the world. I could paint these all day long. I will say, after a while I do have to take a break because I strain my eyes too much while painting them because I am doing such tiny details.  But beside that I love painting them and they are coming out really great.




I will do a full post of them once I finish them and all the details!

Do you have any recent craft fails or craft wins?


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