Mood Board Problem

Y’all, I have a serious mood board problem. I make one for EVERYTHING. I have way more mood boards saved in my computer than I would like to admit. From outfit ideas to décor ideas and even party ideas- I make a mood board. So here is my latest. When Dana mentioned in her Five on Friday that she was going to get some new things for her patio, I immediately started imagining what I thought Dana’s dream patio would look like. And of course, that turn into me making this:

danas patio

1. Globe Lights – Every apartment patio needs some pretty string lights. I think Dana already has some and they may be something like these. I like the old fashion simple looks of them and they look really pretty all strung up.

2. Gnome– That lady loves a good gnome. When she still lived with her Momma, she had a little flower window box and had a gnome sitting in it. I think this would be the perfect gnome update for her grown up girl apartment.

3. Seat Cushions– Since there are so many other bright colors going on, I thought something darker would ground the design a little more. I still wanted another layer of pattern so these cushions are perfect.

3. Plant– Dana isn’t kidding when she says that her patio is HUGE. I thought a nice big plant like this would take up a little space and add some nice color.

4. Squirrel– Just another adorable décor item to add more color. Dana loves lots of color 🙂

5. Patio Set– This is patio set that Dana is purchasing from Ikea. It is so cute and perfect for her patio!

6. Outdoor Rug– I have really fallen in love with outdoor rugs. A lot of the ones I have seen are even soft enough to be used inside. I love the color of this rug and I think it would really brighten up an outdoor space.

This of course is all fictional, as most of my mood boards are, but I still had a fun time making it!

Do you make mood boards? If so, what for?


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