We Heart It



Have you heard of this new social networking site, We Heart It?  I just discovered it via Source Digit the other day and signed up.  It’s like Pinterest in that you are collecting images to “collections” and “canvases”, but there are no external links or bookmarking.  Just images.  I did some more research on it and found several news articles declaring We Heart It is the new cool thing for teens.  Being almost 27, this made me feel quite old.

I have been playing with it for the past few days and made a few canvases.  It is not as addicting as Pinterest and I don’t find it as productive.  Yes, I find pinning things to boards to be a good use of my time.  On Pinterest, it is not just about the image- there is a link behind the picture.  Although it’s visual, for me, it’s about collecting the links.  We Heart It is more like making a vision board.  While I enjoy looking at all the photos, drawings, and other art formats, I miss knowing where they come from.  There might be a beautiful photograph of a location but I have no idea of knowing where that place is.

we heart it

If you give We Heart It a try and would like to follow me, you’ll find me under the name danalovesolive.


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