My Little Puparoo

I had something else planned for today’s post, but changed my mind, and decided to write about my little puppy. I say puppy, but really she turning 5 years old next week. I can’t believe it. *Warning, this post is going to be picture heavy. I can’t help it.*

Sophie was a gift from my Momma for graduation. A few days after I graduated and was back home, Dana and I drove from Maryland down to Tennessee to pick her up. The breeder had warned me that she would be much smaller than she appeared in pictures, but I didn’t believe her. Oh my goodness was she tiny. 1The picture above doesn’t even show how tiny she really was. That is all just fluff. I took her to the vet when I got home for her first check-up and they had to break out the bunny scale because she wasn’t registering on the dog scale. She was 7 ounces!!!


So tiny in fact, that she fell asleep in Dana’s shirt on the car ride home.


We lived with Todd’s parents in NY for the first few months and she fell in love with their golden retriever, Charlie. To this day, he is her best friend. You say his name and she goes crazy.




When Todd and I got married, Todd’s only demand was that we pick a venue that would allow dogs so that Sophie could be in our wedding.

14 15 16

This dog is EVERYTHING to me. She has gotten me through hard times, happy times and has never left my side. They say a dog is man’s best friend but that is a understatement. I can’t imagine my life without this sassy, hilarious, determined little puppy. I’ll leave you with a few more hundred photos of this precious puppy. But really, it was so hard to narrow it down to this many. She is just so darn cute.


8 13




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