Future Liquor Library

I will soon be obtaining an old beat up card catalog and have decided to turn it into liquor storage.  Caitlin gave it the name Liquor Library and I love it.  I have yet to actually see the card catalog so I’m really not sure yet if this can happen, but I’ve started planning for it already.

Here’s an example of someone else’s liquor cabinet card catalog:

I know that one of the drawer fronts is missing so I’ll be asking a friend with wood skills to help recreate it.  I’m going to refinish it and depending on the hardware may replace that as well.  I’m also going to add the following to the top for fun and looks:

First, I want to make this tray from yard sticks.  I should start hunting for some now or maybe I can beat up some new ones.

Then I want to buy the following for it:

Fun glasses, possibly these from Fishs Eddy

A couple of beer glasses.  These are for the boyfriend who is very specific about how he likes his beer glasses.

Of course a fun margarita glass for myself

And two or three of these cute little vases.  They remind me of ink wells.

Any other additions you think I should make to my liquor library?



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