Five on Friday



Dana: Chive vases

I found these vases at the Philadelphia Flower Show and stopped myself from spending my life savings on them.  Each one is different and unique.  They aren’t vases you see every day.  My absolute favorite is Pooley 2.  If you look at my post from yesterday, you’ll see a few others that I plan on purchasing for the top of my card catalog turned liquor library.  I also plan on purchasing another one that will remain top secret because it’s a gift for a bridal shower.

Caitlin: Sophie’s new collar and leash


For Sophie’s upcoming 5th birthday, I decided to treat her to a fancy new leash and collar. I found Handmade Green on Etsy and fell in love with all of their products. I picked the hot pink gingham collar with the removable bow and a matching leash. I also upgraded to the silver hardware. The seller was SO accommodating to changes I asked for, which were adding a D ring to handle of the leash for our apartment keys and an extra foot because we like extra long leashes. She did both of these requests and the turn around time was so quick! I am extremely happy with how they came out. I think the Liberty of London collar would look cute on Dana’s puppy, Olive 🙂


Dana: Waterlogue app

I came across this app on a website that shares the best apps of every week.  It’s $2.99 and I haven’t bought it…yet.  I think I might have to get it to transform some of the pictures I take in Iceland.  It has such neat filters and I love watercolor.

Caitlin: Chalkboard Canvas


My sister-in-law, Tiffany, sent me this picture last week and asked if I could recreate it for my niece, Rachel. Rachel saw it and loved the saying and thought that her Aunt Caitlin could definitely make it 🙂 I have never done chalkboard on canvas, but I am so excited to try. I love trying new crafts and even more, I love making crafts for loved ones!


Dana: Hudson Valley Seed Library art packs

Do you love seeds and art?  Go guy these packs!  I saw them at the Philadelphia Flower Show and wanted them all.  I don’t have a garden area right now and I figure I shouldn’t buy seeds I don’t need but it is tempting.  I would love to frame a bunch of them and hang them on a wall.  It would bring the spring and summer inside without the heat.

Caitlin: Surprise Party


This weekend is my Dad’s 65th birthday. He won’t allow us to buy him gifts or dinner so we have to get creative. This year, my sister and nephew are coming down from Brooklyn to surprise him! He thinks that my husband and I are just cooking him dinner for his birthday, but when he arrives, my sister and I will be cooking his favorite dish and he will get to play with his grandson all evening. I think he is going to be over the moon happy!


Dana: Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company coffee

My boyfriend went on a tour of Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company and brought home some coffee.  Man is it good!  He also got a mug and I love mugs so it was just perfect all around.

Caitlin: Tulips


I have had tulips on my desk all week and I love it! I makes my workplace so cheerful 🙂 I started to notice however…that they were growing. Not blooming, but growing! I looked it up and apparently, tulips can still grow a little after they have been cut. Mine have grown two full inches since I put them in the vase. Who knew?!?


Dana: On My Bookshelf


I have added a couple things to my bookshelf in the past week about dogs (dog cookbook and dog sports) and I just started listening to The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie.  I have only gotten through the first disc but I was instantly into this book.  It’s the story of a 14 year old boy who lives on a reservation and wants to attend the high school in the rich town near by.  Within moments of the book starting I was happy and laughing and then sad and on the verge of tears the next.  Alexie reads the book and his lovely accent reminds me of the Northeastern New Mexico accent of my grandparents.  I can’t wait to get back in my car to keep listening.

Caitlin: Gap Gingham Dress


I am loving this dress! I am trying not to spend money on clothes but I may have to break my spending freeze for this. It is the perfect Spring dress!


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