Baby’s First Easter

This year will be my nephew Felix’s first Easter. I immediately let my sister know that his Aunt Caitlin would be sending an Easter basket, whether she liked it or not! 🙂

baby's first easter


Felix’s BIG Easter gift this year is a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins. I really tried to pick out the color on my own, but was so indecisive. I decided it would be best just to let my sister pick the color she liked the most. She chose the Prince George- Limited Edition which are a nice navy color. She really loved the Aruba color, but unfortunately, they were all sold out.

I am all about stocking my Felix’s bookshelf so I needed to find a bunny themed book. The Runaway Bunny is one of my all time favorites.

Felix is now taking big boy baths (meaning, no longer in the sink) so I thought he would enjoy some fun new bath toys.

He just started day care and they asked my sister to start bringing plastic bottles so that he could start learning how to hold his own bottle more. My sister doesn’t want to use plastic bottles because of the BPA, so she really wants to stick with the glass bottles. I did some research and found this ergonomic glass baby bottle. I am going to add one to his basket so they can try it out.

Finally, I have to add some plastic Easter Eggs! Since I can’t fill them with candy, I thought, why not fill them with little baby socks! I love these from Boden.

I haven’t decided what kind of Easter basket I am going to put everything in yet. I am looking for a more untraditional basket, so it is something my sister could use in his nursery for storage. So far I like these options:




What are you putting in Easter Baskets this year?



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