Household Items I Can’t Live Without

Happy Monday everyone! After spending Saturday straighten up and cleaning our apartment, I’ve decided to share six household items that I can’t live without. Not that exciting, I know, but I always love reading others reviews of items so I thought maybe you would like to hear a few of mine!


1. Woolite Oxy Power Shot

Unfortunately, Sophie has little accidents every so often, so I like to have some kind of pet stain remover on hand. I used to be a die hard Natures Miracle user until I discovered this. It is by far the best pet stain remover I have ever used, even on really old stains that I had already tried to remove with Natures Miracle.

2. 409 All Purpose Cleaner

My friend Ashley introduced me to 409 and now I don’t know I have ever cleaned without it. Her kitchen always looked so shiny and clean and when I asked her what she used, she said “409. ON EVERYTHING.” It is great for appliances, sinks, counters, bathrooms and everything in between. I have learned though not to use a lot in the bathroom with the door closed. The fumes can get to you after a while!

3. J.Crew Cashmere Wash

I have mentioned this product on the blog before, but I just can’t say enough good things about it. In the winter, I live in my cashmere sweaters but hate dragging them to the dry cleaners all the time. This wash saves the day and smells sooooo good. I wish I could wash all my clothes in it.

4. Boss Block Board Cream

My husband gifted me a beautiful wooden cutting board for Christmas and I really want to make sure it lasts. I tired this and one other cutting board cream from Williams Sonoma, and this is hands down the winner. It goes on like a lotion and brings the wood back to life instantly. I highly recommend it!

5. A Good Candle

Man, do I love a good candle. My husband calls me a candle hoarder, but I don’t buy it. What girl doesn’t have a basket full of half burned candles in every scent possible?! This Pomelo Lime candle from Target is currently my favorite. I am always a sucker for pretty packaging 🙂

6. Oxi Clean

With a white couch and white bedding, a good laundry detergent in crucial. I have learned through trial and error to use Oxi Clean powder as a supplement to our regular laundry detergent. I used to use bleach but realized that it was yellowing my whites overtime. This Oxi Clean is really great and can be used on other items besides laundry, such as your carpets and in your shower!

Do you have any household items that you couldn’t live without?


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