First Year Easter Basket

This is my nephew’s first Easter and I will take any excuse to buy him presents. I couldn’t wait to build him an Easter basket! He is only 9 months old, so I couldn’t go with the traditional candy and treats. My first purchase was a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins I have been dying to get him.


Once I had those, I built the basket around them. I didn’t want to get a cheap little basket that my sister would just have to store or throw away, so I bought a storage basket from Target and painted some fun, bright stripes on it. When Easter is all over, my sister can use the basket in his nursery for storage!


Since I couldn’t fill the plastic eggs with jelly beans, I bought a pack of cute socks and put a pair in each egg.


To finish it off, I bought the Runaway Bunny board book and some bath toys.


I am mailing it off today and I can’t wait for the little man to get it!

What are you putting in Easter baskets this year?


5 thoughts on “First Year Easter Basket

  1. Best Aunt Ever! Love the basket, especially the socks in the eggs. Genius! I didn’t get my first born any Mocs and I have regretted it. Baby #2 will for sure have some!

  2. UMMMMMM, you win the BEST AUNT EVER award! Seriously – this is so very sweet and thoughtful of you — love the details and how you customized the basket so they can use it in his nursery! I’m so glad you linked up…. I love seeing creative ideas and baskets put together for family and friends. Your nephew is one lucky little guy! Happy almost Easter!!!

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