Five On Friday


Dana: Kitchen Rosettes

photo (14)

Last weekend I moved the rosettes I had hanging in my dining room into my kitchen.  I felt they matched my clock.  I love them in the kitchen!  We have to be a little careful about opening cabinets but so far so good.  Now my dining room wall is blank and a little sad but I plan on jazzing it up using this as a template:

Not pastels and with some fun graphic font prints.

Caitlin: Pastel Gingham

I’ve realized that I have become obsessed with pastel gingham. My collection has now reached four pastel gingham button ups.


My favorites are these from GAP.


Dana: Factory Classic Button-Down Shirt in Printed Chambray

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 9.55.56 PM

I had a light chambray shirt with tiny little polka dots that I LOVED.  Sadly, I ruined it in the wash.  I haven’t been able to part with it and it lives in the corner of my closet.  I ordered this one from J. Crew factory as a replacement.  Nothing will ever replace my original polka dot shirt, but this one sure does make me feel happy!


Caitlin: The Honest Company


Have you heard of Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company? I knew of it, but thought it was just items for babies. Boy was I wrong. They have so many items from laundry detergent to body lotion. After reading Emily Ley’s post about their products, I decided to order the free trail (you do have to pay $5.95 for shipping). I have only tried the healing balm and the face and body lotion but I LOVE them both. They work well AND they are safe and eco-friendly. I can’t wait to try everything else!


Dana: Parks and Rec

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 10.14.28 PM

This is one of my all time favorite shows.  My boyfriend and I recently rewatched EVERY episode and it made me fall in love with every character all over again.  Each person adds such an amazing facet to the show and, most importantly, it makes me laugh so hard!

Caitlin: Current Favorite Candle


This is currently my FAVORITE candle. It smells so good and the packaging is on point! Win win 🙂


Dana: White Low Top Converse Chuck Taylors

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 10.14.56 PM

This is my spring and summer shoe.  I know you may be thinking that it is an odd choice but I can’t give them up.  The pair I have now has lasted 9 years.  They need replacing but I keep putting it off.  All I can think about is how white they’ll be when they are new.

Caitlin: Corn Hole Boards

My husband works for Bai Beverages (If you haven’t tried them yet, you should. They are amazing!) and asked me to paint corn hole boards for and event they had coming up. I finished them last week, but while I was working on them, Sophie decided to reenact the whack-a-mole game. Don’t worry. We didn’t bop her on the head.

corn1 corn2


Dana: On My Bookshelf

My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor

Remember D.E.A.R. in school?  Well, do it now!  Drop everything and read My Beloved World!  This book is beautifully written and I love getting to know one of our Supreme Court Justices in a way we often don’t get to.  I knew very little of Sotomayor’s life before this book and after finishing it last night I now want to be her best friend…or maybe one of her godchildren.

Caitlin: Young House Love Show House


image via young house love

My husband and I are driving down to Richmond, VA tomorrow to visit the Young House Love Homerama Show House. I am SOOOOO excited. I have been making my husband read their book all week so he knows how amazing it is that we get to see a house they designed in person. And I may or may not be carrying my copy of Young House Love in my purse JUST IN CASE the are there so they can sign it. You never know 🙂



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