DIY Quote Prints

I love the TV show Parks and Recreation and found these awesome prints on Etsy with quotes from the show.  There are so many great quotes and I had been thinking about getting 4 5×7 prints to put up in my apartment but when I thought about it, 5×7 just wasn’t the right size.  I wanted full sheet quotes.  Well, those suckers are $26 a pop and getting 4 was way beyond even my imaginary budget.  It then hit me that I could make them myself.  I went to Google Drive and wandered through their fonts picking out any that I thought might suit the project.  Then I typed the quotes up and played with the size of the lettering and the fonts to see what looked best and took it all to Staples and had it printed on white card stock.  Guess what my grand total at Staples was?


That’s right! It was $1.06 for 4 prints: 3 8.5×11 and 1 11×17.  I could have paid $113 to get the prints I wanted but I made them myself and I think they are spectacular!

photo 1 (1)

When I brought them home I decided they needed a little something so last night I painted one with gold embellishments.  I really like it so I’m going to do some on the other prints as well.  I taped the print onto the Staples bag so it would stay still and then used two scrap pieces of paper to help keep my lines somewhat straight.  None of it is really all the straight so it all matches.

photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1) photo 4 (1)


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