Young House Love Show House

Over the weekend, my husband and I made a day trip to Richmond, VA to see the Young House Love Homearama Show House.

photo 1

Of course there were several other houses to see in the Homearama show, but we were mostly just there to see the Young House Love Show House. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint!!! You could tell from the beginning that the YHL house was different than all the others. The navy blue exterior made it stand out from the rest. (I apologize for the crummy pictures in advance. It was so hard to get good pictures with SO many other people in the house)

photo 2

I had seen pictures of the house on the YHL blog in the past few months, but nothing compared to seeing it in person. Everything was so much more impressive! The kitchen was so beautiful and grand. I especially loved the leather marble countertops, navy kitchen island and the gold Shades of Light chandeliers.

photo 3

photo 15

Since seeing this chandelier on the YHL love, I have been enamored by it. It was more breath taking in person. They had this light made custom in gold for the show house, but I hope Shades of Light starts to carry it in gold!

photo 4

The breakfast nook next off the kitchen was adorable. It looked so cozy and great for a large family. The table was HUGE!

photo 6Next, we went upstairs to the children’s rooms. The were so cute. I loved that they didn’t use the typically match-y children’s bedding, but instead mixed and matched a lot of bright colors.

photo 9

The little boy’s room add a great little hiding place that I am sure any boy would love. I can see a lot of Lego play time happening up there.

photo 10

I loved the pattern details in the flooring from the Jack and Jill bathroom into the little boys room.

photo 11

My favorite room of the whole house was the master bedroom. It was so light, airy, colorful and just looked all around relaxing. I just wanted to get right in the bed and take a nap.

photo 14

Even the laundry room was fun!!!

photo 13

I wanted to take so many pictures but the longer we were in the house, the more crowded it got, until is was shoulder to shoulder and just a struggle to get into a room to look at it. Luckily you can check out lots of pictures and even more details and rooms at the Young House Love blog.

photo 8

The best part is that they gave a sheet of paper out listing all the paint colors used in the house along with a detailed list of where items from each item room where from. I greatly appreciated this because I LOVED the soft grey in the master bedroom.

photo 16

If you live in the area (or in my case, three hours away) I highly suggest touring the house. The amount of details in person is outstanding. If they ever stop blogging, they could definitely open and interior design business!


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